AML Payroll & Bookkeeping Services offer you an outsourced payroll system to ensure that you never have to worry about Payroll again especially with the new AE (Auto Enrolment for Pensions) rules that are being brought in by the HMRC during the year.

To find out your staging date for Auto Enrolment, please click here.

Payroll can be a formidable and quite scary concept with the New Rules for Auto Enrolment but AML Payroll & Bookkeeping Services can help you with the following:

  • Register a PAYE Scheme for New Employers
  • Payroll preparation for all payroll cycles …Weekly, 4 weekly or Monthly
  • Payment of Wages via the BACS System if required.
  • All payroll calculations including the New Pensions elements for Auto Enrolment along with statutory payments of SSP (statutory Sick Pay) SMP (Statutory Maternity Pay) SPP (Statutory Paternity Pay)
  • Process Pension Contributions, loan repayments or Season Tickets, in fact any deductions you may need deducting.
  • Any attachment orders such as Child Support or County Court Judgements.
  • Payslips & Reports can be emailed or sent via post. Employees can have their payslips emailed direct to them and password protected.
  • Advising how much needs to be paid to the HMRC and the date it must be paid by each month.
  • Submit all the relevant HMRC reports when required which from April 2013 will be each time a payroll is processed.